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New Patients


As a new patient, here is what to expect as you begin your journey with our practice.

If you have not yet signed up for SKED, please call the office for an access code. You can use the link in the Welcome email to log in.

In SKED's patient portal, you'll be able to easily fill out our New Patient forms. 


Your first visit will be a one-hour exam, much like an orthopedic assessment testing ranges of motion, movement & symmetry.
When you come, bring any imaging studies (within 2-3 years) and blood work results (within 6 months). 
You'll receive an adjustment if it seems necessary (we never over-adjust or adjust without cause). 
We'll order additional imaging only if needed (to be completed at a location of your choice). We'll review your imaging with you so you fully understand your health issues and chart a course forward. 

Read more about Chiropractic Services here.



Your first visit will be a one hour Q&A meeting that digs deeply into your health history with the goal of understanding how your body works.


We'll process and evaluate what we've learned for roughly one week, determine the best course of testing and further evaluation and bring that back to you as a proposed path forward. 


Based on the issues you are facing and the history you've described, we'll determine if any additional tests are needed to provide a clear and current picture of your health. 


We'll develop a report clearly describing your current health analysis, what it means holistically, and what needs to be done next to resolve the issues you've described. 


These recommendations may be in areas of: 

Nutritional counseling, exercise, supplements, medication considerations for your primary care physician or other modalities. 


We'll review this with you in a half-hour meeting, and continue to follow up via email, phone or in-office visits as needed as you progress. 

Read more about Functional Medicine here. 

clarity chair

We believe that excellent care is a basic human right and have established our cash prices in such a way as to make it reasonably affordable.

We are only in network with Medicare

We accept cash, check, credit/debit and CareCredit.


We also accept HSA & FSA cards toward your payment (with limited exceptions: If Medicare is your primary insurance, or if you are going through auto insurance following an accident.)


Most of the bloodwork that we order for Functional Medicine is covered by insurance. We try to utilize lab testing that is covered by insurance as often as possible. We are also willing to utilize advanced, evidence-based testing methods that may not yet be mainstream (and thus, not covered by insurance).


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