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Biodermal Scanning

I’ve been wondering if I should cut back on certain foods…


I know I should be taking better care of my body, but I just don’t know where to start…


Lately I’ve just been feeling kind of blah…


Have you thought any or all of these recently? If so, biodermal scanning might be a great place to start!


Many of us live day-to-day with a vague idea that we could be taking better care of ourselves, but have no idea where to begin. Ordering tests or getting blood-work can quickly start adding up, especially with no idea what and where to focus your attention. A biodermal scan may just be your ticket to finding that focus!


What is it for?


Think of biodermal scanning as a road sign, pointing you toward better health. Whether it points you to exactly where you need to end up, or simply gets you started on a longer journey, biodermal scanning can be an incredibly helpful tool to pinpoint which direction to take those first steps. Our biodermal scans can help illuminate:


  • Food sensitivities

  • System imbalances

  • Gaps in your wellness routine


Just to list a few!


How does it work?


The cells in our body communicate with each other by sending and receiving information through a type of electronic signal, coordinating millions of functions and processes in the body every day. Our biodermal scan mimics those signals, sending them through the palm of your hand using the Zyto cradle, and measures your body’s response.


Once the scan is complete, the Zyto software converts the responses it’s recorded and generates an easy-to-read report, around 16 pages, of those findings and what they mean for you. Then, we will look over that report with you and decide what next steps to take on your path toward a healthier, happier you.


Start-to-finish, the entire process takes about 30-minutes or less—just 30 minutes to get started on a wellness journey targeted specifically for your needs.


Contact us to schedule your biodermal scan today!


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