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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Every cell has a unique electromagnetic frequency…


And in the same way you may have read about harmful frequencies, there are electromagnetic frequencies that we can use to help the body as well. That’s where pulsed electromagnetic field (or PEMF) therapy comes in.


What’s PEMF?


PEMF is a therapy that uses a low frequency electromagnetic field to encourage and support healing on a cellular level, getting straight to the root of your body’s health. The gentle electromagnetic field generated during PEMF stimulates the cells to promote stronger cellular activity. This aids in pain relief and speeding the healing process for a variety of issues your body might be dealing with.


When would you recommend PEMF?


Each patient’s need is unique, so we at the office recommend PEMF therapy on a case-by-case basis, after a collaborative discussion between you and the doctor. In the amount of time that we’ve introduced PEMF therapy, we’ve had patients see vast improvement in issues like:


  • Joint pain & inflammation

  • Muscle stiffness

  • Healing fractures & breaks

  • Chronic pain


So… what’s it like?


Each therapy session takes 20-30 minutes and requires nothing more from you than to sit back and let the PEMF system do its work. We have several attachments, so we can focus the electromagnetic field on your specific problem area, wherever that may be, and the system can be set to different low-frequency pulses to find the level your body best responds to. It’s a painless process—in fact it may feel like you’re hardly doing anything!


At most you’ll experience a slight twinge in the area of your body we are focused on, similar to a harmless muscle twitch, or when a doctor checks your reflexes. Many of our patients find it to be an incredibly relaxing experience.


Call our office or talk to us at the front desk if you’re interested in seeing if PEMF is a good fit for you!

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