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"Having the ability to see Dr. Slippy through a Telehealth appointment was an absolute blessing. I was concerned with an issue, and needed his wisdom, and expertise. In 15 minutes we were able to go over my symptoms and put together a game plan.


The amount of knowledge and care that Dr. Slippy has for his patients is unmatched in this industry, and his Telehealth program is a shining example of that. I highly recommend everyone take advantage of the Telehealth program, you will be glad you did." 

Justin, West Chester, PA


Dr. John is one of the most knowledgable and informative people I know as well as kind and compassionate. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field yet explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. I have experienced this many times while going through infertility, multiple pregnancies, heart problems and extreme iron-deficient anemia.


I especially appreciate how he works almost as a detective trying to get to the root cause of symptoms instead of just trying to relieve them. Throughout the process he only tested what would help him get specific answers and eased me into supplements, never pushing them or overwhelming me with them. I have never left an appointment feeling rushed, but rather, really listened to.


His direction allowed me to find the answers I needed to improve the functioning of my body and healing tenfold. Dr. John is very easy to approach and makes himself available for any questions or concerns. His willingness to help and provide care is second to none. He provided the utmost care; better than any doctor I had previously visited.    



Functional Medicine is helping to change the quality of our children’s lives for the better! Over the past several years, we have pursued traditional medicine for answers to the symptoms our three children were facing. While there was some help, the doctors only managed the symptoms and were unable to to give us tangible causes for their health battles.


A loving friend told us about her experience using Functional Medicine with Dr. Slippy. Eager for help, we set up our appointments and have been so grateful for Dr. Slippy’s knowledge, compassion, and diagnoses. It is encouraging to see a positive outcome as we faithfully pursue the health plan that he prescribes.


The path requires dedication, but the good of it significantly outweighs the bad of poor health. Furthermore, the pharmacogenetic panel that is received as part of the work up has been valuable. As our daughter continues to receive treatment from another medical doctor, we have been able to refer to the panel in order to avoid medications that we now know would be problematic for her body to metabolize. 


If you are experiencing health issues, dietary and digestive problems, or have an irregular menstrual cycle with symptoms, we want to encourage you to set up an evaluation with Dr. Slippy. You won’t regret it. We want to give this endorsement not just from a caring parent perspective, but from a clinical view as well. Theresa is a registered nurse and the physiology of Functional Medicine is sound. For us, it filled a gap where traditional medicine was not operating. We want to share how it can help set you on a path for a better quality of life.


Christian and Theresa


Personally, I have always benefited from chiropractic services but recently have benefited from the functional medicine of bloodwork, diet and supplements. I now understand better how my body works genetically and I have been helped to tailor my diet, exercise and supplements according to my personal needs.


Even though I am not a doctor, Dr. John has helped me to understand how allergies and hormonal imbalances affect my overall health. I have appreciated getting to know more of my medical history so that I can now make better informed decisions on a daily basis. Thank you for providing this service that I would have never thought of inquiring about before.





When I became a patient of Dr. John six years ago, I had never had chiropractic care before. How I wish I had known of its benefits. Dr. John is a gentle, knowledgeable man who sees the whole person he is treating. He takes time to really listen to the reasons a person comes into his office.


Through the years, Dr. John has also helped me with functional medicine. He is able to order blood work so that he can see what is going on underneath the symptoms that bring a person into his office. When the results come back to him, Dr. John will sit and talk through the results and instruct you on how you can be holistically treated. If needed, he can develop a regimen of natural supplements, which can be purchased in his office.


I have experienced all aspects of Dr. John's care through the years. Expert massage therapists are also available to work on problem areas. I have recommended Dr. John and Living Well Chiropractic to many people because I trust the level of care that Dr. John provides.




I went to Dr. John a couple of years ago after a round of helpful chiropractic care. I was struggling with overall health and didn't know where to start on the path to productive exercise and a good diet. I had tried several different things but didn't have a good understanding of how my body worked and why various diets were not producing results.


Dr. John sat with me, ran some simple tests and helped educate me in on what my body needed and most importantly – WHY it needed what it did. This fundamental education helped me in my own exercise at home and instructed me on good nutrition as well. I also appreciated the ongoing consulting and the availability of good supplements from Dr. John. Thank you for being my personal health teacher and counselor.




When I first met Dr. John I was considering surgery for my ear and neck. After my first visit I was convinced he was going to be able to prevent me for getting surgery. He maintained my pain and he completely rehabilitated me, so much that it has been 6 months since I had that problem vs. having it on a weekly basis. Dr. John is my new ibuprofen! He has inspired me to become a chiropractor. Thank you Dr. John not only for the inspiration, but being such a great chiropractor.

P.G.Coatesville, PA


I came to Dr. John after a car accident and had a sprained neck. He was not only able to get my neck back into working order, but also solved issues from snowboarding and trampoline accidents. I continue to come to him because he is thoughtful and care and he remembers your condition and has great follow thru. He is very throughout with his adjustments. My posture is so much better and my shoulders are back where they should be.

J.B.Glenmoore, PA


I can't tell you how many doctors I've seen. I've felt better in the past three days than I have in three years, and I'm in the medical field. Nothing has ever made me feel as good.

M.R.West Chester, PA


Years ago I suffered a severe slip and fall on ice.  The fall left me with chronic and sometime acute lower back pain, severe migraines as well as limited neck mobility.  For years I went through a plethora of prescribed medications, physical therapy, chiropractors, massage, acupuncture and neurologists. 


I was diagnosed with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Epstein Barr and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (none of which I actually ever had!). Two massage therapists at my Spa who were aware of my problems recommended that I see Dr. John Slippy at Living Well Chiropractic (LWC). Both therapists raved about his expertise based on their personal experiences as patients as well as those of their family members. 


I was extremely skeptical having already been down the chiropractic road with no improvements.  Out of options and desperate for relief I made an appointment. It was one of the best health decisions I have ever made!! “Dr. John” has been able to drastically alleviate my chronic back/neck pain and has reduced the frequency and the duration of my migraines.  Plus when he adjusts me Dr. John is able to relieve and drain the sinus pressure caused by my allergies.  


He’s extremely thorough and takes his time to access your situation to formulate the best route to follow for your care. Last winter my Significant Other developed classic drop foot which he ignored for too long (just like a man!).  I said that he should see Dr. John, however he was reluctant for the same reasons I was initially.  


After a through neurological evaluation Dr. John prescribed treatments that improved his drop foot 100%!! The entire office excludes a friendly atmosphere.  The front desk staff warmly welcomes you and will assist you any way they can.  Stacey, the masseuse gives one of the BEST therapeutic massages I’ve ever had and she makes it easier for Dr. John to adjust my problem areas (60 minutes goes by way too quickly!) We would highly recommend Dr. John Slippy and Living Well Chiropractic to anyone that has been unsuccessful in finding relief for issues that they may be suffering.

C.D., Malvern, PA


Having gone to chiropractic school myself (but never finishing), I’ve always been quite picky in terms chiropractors. Dr. John is by far the best chiropractor we’ve gone to, giving focused attention to each individual concern. Many of my ongoing ailments were greatly diminished under his care. Unquestionably, I would recommend him to anyone!

C.P., West Chester, PA


Being a collegiate athlete, specifically a field hockey player, I was used to living with a certain amount of pain. But recently after my hips would not stop aching even after weeks of rest, strengthening, and stretching, I realized that something was just not right. It hurt to stand, to sit, and driving especially was irritating. I had many friends recommend Dr. Slippy and even though I was a bit nervous to have someone adjust my spine, I took a risk and made an appointment. I found Dr. Slippy very trustworthy and appreciated his explanations and reassurances. After two appointments, I am pain free. Not only that, my allergies are not acting up, I'm sleeping better, running easier and my blood pressure even went down! I wish I had gone for chiropractic help sooner, I could have scored a lot more goals!

C.W., West Chester, PA


This was my first time seeing a chiropractor. I feel fantastic! Why I waited 8 years, I don't know. I feel like I have my body back and like I just had a great massage! Dr. John is a miracle worker! Thank you!

S.S., Downingtown, PA


Being a chiropractic patient for over 10 years, I have found Dr. John to be the most thorough, compassionate and educated chiropractor I have ever met.

D.L., Downingtown, PA


I took my teenage daughter to Dr. John upon recommendation by my neighbor, who raved about Dr. John’s ability to provide her with relief after years of pain due to a broken back in college.


I must admit I was hesitant as I’d never had any experience with chiropractors. My daughter has scoliosis and was being treated by a CHOP specialist who I had much confidence in. He had also treated her as an infant for hip dysplasia. However, the treatment was not going well and I was looking for another alternative.


Dr. John was the answer to our prayers. My daughter had a terrible experience with bracing by the CHOP doctor. She hung in there several months, battling the discomfort and pain from the brace, the difficulty finding clothes to fit over the brace, and the stigma of wearing such a contraption in middle school. She got to a point where she’d had it and refused to wear it any more.


I was desperate to avoid surgery and so we went to Dr. John. His treatment has been amazing. Not only has he helped relieve my daughter’s back pain, hip pain as well as other discomforts, his treatment has caused more improvement than the brace ever did. Her curvature has improved, stabilized and she has now been discharged by the CHOP specialist (who for the past two years was simply x-raying and consulting).


I can’t recommend Dr. John enough. Dr. John takes the time to get to know each of his patients. He sees each patient as an individual with unique needs and establishes an excellent rapport. The staff is kind, helpful and efficient. If you are looking for treatment for scoliosis you can’t go wrong with Dr. John Slippy!

K.E., Downingtown, PA


I went from being a skeptic to a believer in chiropractic care.  I am not the easiest patient and Dr. John was patient, helpful and caring.  My body is healing and he has been there to help.   He goes out of his way to help in any way possible.  Somehow, he makes going to the chiropractic care fun as well as beneficial!

G.Z., Exton, PA

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