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Dr. John

Dr. John Slippy, DC

I was introduced to chiropractic after my wife was in an automobile accident in 1998. After listening to a health talk given by our chiropractor, I began to realize the amazing, God-given power of the human body to heal itself and maintain a state of health, if the nervous system is unhindered by spinal misalignments and if the body is given all of the proper resources with which to work.

Having aspirations to do God’s work by serving people, I began to see that I was made to be a chiropractor! After many years and much hard work, I am now thrilled to have the opportunity to offer my patients one of the greatest gifts possible…a means to health and wellness!

Known by my patients for having “gentle hands,” my goal is to provide care that is effective, comfortable, and specific in an atmosphere where each patient knows that they’re getting complete care for the whole person.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and four daughters, staying active, playing guitar, Bible study, traveling, constantly learning, and supporting my wife as we home school our children.


Dr. Molly Wilson, DC

At an early age, I began receiving chiropractic care, but it wasn’t until two major accidents in my adulthood did I finally see the incredible effects that chiropractic care can do for someone. Dr. John Slippy was introduced into my life and helped show me how chiropractic not only helped me personally but began telling me of all the different ways chiropractic has helped people. I always knew God had a plan for me to work with my hands and help people. With the accidents and Dr. John, He showed me that being a chiropractor was His ultimate plan for me.


I am so proud and pleased to finally say after the years of hard work and determination, I am now able to serve the community and help others with the gift God has given me. I strive to bring health and wellbeing to my patients everyday and expand my knowledge continuously.


Residing recently in Lancaster, I enjoy event nights like bingo and trivia which helps me learn more about the city I now live in. I also enjoy taking my dog, Reno, for hikes in many of the local parks and trails as well as bringing him to the Chester County region where I originally grew up.


Jessica Henry, Functional Medicine Assistant 

 I was first introduced to functional medicine as a teenager as I struggled through different health issues. It was difficult growing up with various health concerns and not knowing what to do. Through functional medicine treatment, I was exposed to how God has structured the human body to grow and heal. This process provided me with hope and a sense of independence in knowing that I could learn how my body would respond to different things.


It feels full circle now to be able to serve with Dr. John and the Living Well Team as our functional medicine assistant. It is an incredible privilege to be able to show God’s love to others through this role.


I enjoy listening to music, hiking on local and statewide trails with my friends, and practicing roller skating. I also enjoy walking in downtown West Chester and collecting vinyl records from local shops.


Meagan Smith, Office Manager

Chiropractic was always a part of my family’s wellness routine, but it wasn’t until I started working at Living Well Chiropractic that I was able to see first-hand the broad range of help it brings to people. I’ve been the office manager here for four years, and in that time I’ve had the immense privilege of seeing countless patients’ lives improve for the better from the support and care Dr. John and Dr. Molly give in each and every one of their appointments.


It’s such a joy to be one of the first to greet our patients here at the front desk and to watch them walk out of the office lighter than when they came in. Among the many things I love about my job, some of my favorites are chatting in the waiting room and hearing a tapestry of different stories every day, and getting to watch patients interact with each other in the waiting room, as well. Whether I’m witnessing an unexpected reunion with a good friend, a new friendship spontaneously forming between two people sitting next to each other, or a family enjoying each other’s company while they wait to be cared for, the waiting room always feels like a small, warm window of the larger community we all love.


Outside of the office, I like to spend my time with friends, exploring new places in towns nearby and going for walks, and I love reading, watching TV and movies, and putting my English degree to use in my personal writing.

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