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Dr. John Slippy, DC

I was introduced to chiropractic after my wife was in an automobile accident in 1998. After listening to a health talk given by our chiropractor, I began to realize the amazing, God-given power of the human body to heal itself and maintain a state of health, if the nervous system is unhindered by spinal misalignments and if the body is given all of the proper resources with which to work.

Having aspirations to do God’s work by serving people, I began to see that I was made to be a chiropractor! After many years and much hard work, I am now thrilled to have the opportunity to offer my patients one of the greatest gifts possible…a means to health and wellness!

Known by my patients for having “gentle hands,” my goal is to provide care that is effective, comfortable, and specific in an atmosphere where each patient knows that they’re getting complete care for the whole person.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and four daughters, staying active, playing guitar, Bible study, traveling, constantly learning, and supporting my wife as we home school our children.

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