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SKED - our patient portal

Scheduling Made Easy

We've integrated SKED with our internal systems. This gives you the ability to be in control of various aspects of your schedule, visits and healthcare with a few easy taps & swipes.

Easy access to your information

Easily schedule advanced appointments directly in the app. Changes or cancellations are possible, too, and check-ins are coming soon.

Same-day appointments still require a phone call to our office to set up.

We'll be adding more features and functionality offered by SKED as we deepen the integrations with our core health care management systems & processes. 

Mobile patient portal


SKED is available to all Living Well patients.

First, call our office and we'll send you an email with your unique sign-up code.

Then, log in to SKED from the app on your Apple or Android device or here on our website.

Or dial 610-450-5888

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