COVID-19 Updates

Update May 18, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that, as of this Monday, May 18th, we are open for normal business hours! We will still be implementing extended safety measures, so please, for all non-telehealth appointments, remember to call to CHECK IN FROM YOUR CAR. There will be no waiting room check-ins and bathroom usage will be for emergency use only. 


Appointments with Dr. John will be kept brief to allow us to keep on schedule with the necessary check-in policy and PPE changeover between patients.


In addition, we will not yet be scheduling patients out for multiple future appointments so we can continue to adequately accommodate patients as needed.


See the notes below for all COVID related office procedures PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST RETURN VISIT as well as continued updates as we move forward.

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement and we CAN’T WAIT to see you all again!


Office Visit Procedures:


  •  Acute patients will be scheduled between the hours of 10:00 and 12:30 for now. (We will expand hours for this as needed)


  • Adjustment times will be more brief to reduce exposure and so Dr. John has time to change out his Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) between patients.


  • Dr. John will be wearing long-sleeved disposable gowns, gloves, and a mask. 


  • Each adjusting room will have all surfaces wiped down between appointments. (one room gets sanitized while the other is in use...and so on.)


  • There will be NO WAITING IN THE WAITING ROOM — All patients will need to call the office from the parking lot to check-in when they arrive. If Dr. John is ready, you can proceed to the door which Meagan or Jenna will specify. (Main door OR the exterior door to his adjusting room). We will be alternating which door patients are using to access the building based on their designated adjusting room. If Dr. John is not yet ready, you will wait in your car and then you'll receive a call from the front desk when he’s ready for you.


  • Until we officially open up the entire office, there will be no access to our restrooms. 


  • All scheduling, supplement orders, and payment will be handled over the phone. (checks/cash can be brought to the appointment to be placed in a large designated envelope in the adjusting room (Checks must be pre-written and cash must be exact change). 


  • Receipts can be emailed, faxed, or placed in bags containing supplement orders. Supplement orders can be placed ahead of time and fulfilled before or during your appointment. We will still be offering curbside (front stoop) pickup for patients just wanting to refill supplement orders.


We’ve had a GREAT response to our Telehealth service and have even received some great testimonials. This will, for now, continue to be the primary service we’re offering.

Be sure to Like our Facebook page for weekly updates, and learn more about Functional Medicine, Nutritional Counseling & Telehealth to stay strong and healthy during this difficult time!

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